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TRC, SRES ,GRI, B.S. Engineering
100% Women-Owned Business
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Working with LyLy has been a real pleasure. I work with a lot of brokers around the country and she is one that stands out. What you see is what you get. She is very straightforward which makes life easy as I don’t like to waste time. She has a very good understanding of the marketplace and gives good recommendations from an investor’s point of view rather than a broker’s point of view. I continue to do business with LyLy, and plan to do business with her in the future. If you want an honest, straightforward, reliable and knowledgeable broker on your team, she is definitely the one to have.

Alex G. Wong

Managing Director
novara capital partners

LyLy Fisher represented our company, a 37 year-old business with 44 full time employees, when it relocated from Columbus, Ohio to Austin, Texas.  Ms. Fisher was highly recommended by a swiss replica watches number of Realtors, one of whom said she was the best Commercial Realtor in the Austin-Houston areas.  I found that to be exactly the case.  She learned our needs and requirements, found several dozen sites for us to inspect and, best of all, was tenacious in her negotiations on our behalf.  She was able to negotiate a three-year contract for us in a Class A high-rise building along the Interstate for a ridiculously low price.  Furthermore, she was able to get all the tenant improvements we required, including a walk-in vault, to be paid for by the building Owner.  I know too, she is a Leader in the local, national and, yes, the international realtor organizations, with clients from across the nation and around the world.  

James Taylor
CEO & President, ANACS

 LyLy  is Just Outstanding!

The Thiesens, International Executive
IBM Poughkeepsie, NY

We are very fortunate to have Ms. LyLy Fisher representing us for all of our Commercial Real Estate Invesments for the past 7 years.  Ms. Fisher understood our goals and she did above and beyong our expectations to bring us the highest returns than we could ever thought we could achieve.  She has our utmost trust and confident in handling our investments.

The Gonzales

The IronWorks

My first contact with LyLy was during the summer of 2001, when she handled a real estate transaction for me in Austin, Texas. In the weeks leading up to the closing, the seller’s agent neglected to handle many details required for closing. When lack of action on the part of the seller’s agent put the contract in jeopardy, because of LyLy's exceptional communicatin and negotiation skills, LyLy took charge of the situation and pulled together all the details needed to close the transaction.

Since then I have worked with LyLy on many investment real estate transactions.    

Jim Allen, President & CEO
Automated Display Systems    

Ms. LyLy Fisher helped me marketed a buiding in N. Austin several years ago.  Since then, I have lost her contact information but rolex cellini replica when I needed to off load some of my asset this year, 2011, I made every effort searching for her to handle my Commercial Real Estate Investments.  I want her!

Tien Tran
A Loyal Commercial Real Estate Investor



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